No update available for osx 10.6?

I’m on a system running OSX 10.6, and Komodo 6.1.3

When I go to Help / Check for updates, I get the message that no update is available.

Is the update function broken, or is it the case that newer Komodo versions don’t run on this platform?

Komodo 6 is before my time as a Komodo developer but I believe major versions did not receive version upgrade warnings back then. Probably best if you just download Komodo 8.5.3 manually.

I do not know if it will work properly under OSX 10.6, I see no reason why it wouldnt but we do not test on that system anymore.

Komodo 8.5 is the latest version, which has a minimum version requirement of OS X 10.6:

There is no automatic update between Komodo versions (i.e. from 6 to 7, or 7 to 8), you’ll need to download and install these major releases.