No tabs when I indent

I’m unable to insert tab characters inside a line, or at the start of a line. This is not good.

Again - apply and close don’t seem to be having the assumed effect. The fix was to change my font, then close and restart.

10, is not so much a 10.

Process to enable tabs (Komodo IDE 10) instead of spaces in editor. (Linux Fedora OS)

  1. Set a font font in the “Color Scheme Editor”.

  2. Click “Apply” and “Save”.

  3. Light a plain white candle and put it under your cat. Rub 3 pickles under you underarms and chant some gibberish softly.

  4. Click “Close” on the “Color Scheme Editor”

  5. Exit KimodoIDE and re-open komodoide

  6. Open Edit -> Preferences -> Indentation

  7. Uncheck “Prefer Tab characters over spaces”

  8. Apply

  9. Check “Prefer Tab characters over spaces”

  10. Apply

Repeat the last 4 steps for each language you use in the “Per Language Indentation Settings” while meditating and uttering “I really want this to happen… I really want this to happen…” silently in your mind.

All done. You can now type a tab key in your editor and a tab character will be inserted.



Our latest nightly should have fixed the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks @mitchell - just installed the nightly.

P.S. I suppose its worth noting that I would have put the candle under the cat anyway, and I occaisionally chant gibberish, without any prompting.

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Had this same problem on Mac OS X version, 10.0.0, build 89159, built May 11 2016, which is still the current release as of this writing.

Thanks for the fix, was getting quite frustrated at the seeming inability to use tabs in my newly-purchased IDE. : )

Not in the habit of running nightlies, but at least I have a workaround until this makes it into the mainline.

Fwiw we’re releasing an update soon to fix this on the stable release. We don’t want to rush out releases unless there is something really really broken, which this doesn’t quite qualify for.