No syntax errors for PHP or jQuery code if they are

when i write jquery or php i dont get any error message, even if i write any code i dont get any error message
i hope you give me feedback because i like to work with komodo,
Thanks very much

Can you explain what are you talking about? You doesn’t see any syntax errors if they are or what?

Thanks for your reply
yes i dont see any syntax errors :frowning:
im sorry because im beginner in english

What version of Komodo you use? Also please attach the log Help - Troubleshooting - View log file

This is the info :
Komodo Edit, version 8.5.3, build 14067, platform win32-x86. Built on Tue Nov 19 03:15:22 2013

You must update to 8.5.4. Help - Check for Updates

Temporary moved to Resolved because of no response. @hamdan if you still can reproduce to this - just move your topic from Resolved.