No Add for Source Code Control in Komodo IDE 10

I have an existing project and I upgraded from Komodo IDE 9 to 10. I can Commit existing files to the project, but when I create a new file, nothing comes up on the SCC context menu for new files. It should have “Add” so I can add it to my git repository.


Is the file located in the SCC root? Confirm where you saved the file. If it’s not in the project root Komodo won’t show you SCC menu options to add it.

  • Carey

That’s not true, it used to not do that but this was fixed in 10.1 or 10.2 (can’t recall which).

I do believe we do not support add/remove for git/mercurial because it is redundant for those. You can manage adding/removing through the commit widget.

@nathanr, thanks for clarifying. I didn’t think we had changed that.

@jgrove_2000, you can get to the SCC commit dialog through the bottom pane or View menu > Tabs & Sidebars > Version Control.

  • Carey