Newby Looking for help regarding Preferences

I just down loaded Komodo 10.2.3 build Edit version. I am new to programing. It seem like when ever I watch a YouTube video on installations, Things always go differently without errors. I am having a problem with the tags. When I do the <p and then do a return key to add the “items”, the newline action looks like this


I watch the video and this newline action is not occurring. Can someone please tell me what setting I have overlooked please?

@jwinter0000 I’m a bit confused why do you press the return key?
If I type <p and than hit the spacebar I will get the following auto completion:

You can now select the attribute you want from the list.
If you are in a position and you think you should get a auto completion, but you don’t get one.
You can trigger it manually, for me it’s Crtl + j.
But the keybinding you’re looking for:

Thank you very much!!! I guess I watched a lady inserting an item in the instructional video and I believe she used the enter key. The space bar and trigger key is the proper method. Thank you again. :grin:

You’re welcome, glad to help :thumbsup: