Newbie Needs Help

Hey there,

I just downloaded a trial version of Komodo IDE. I am working on a site and have connected to the host server, yet my changes are not being published. Is there something that I am missing? How do I push this live?

Can you explain what you are doing exactly when you “connect to the host server”? Are you using Publishing?

Yes, I just figured it out by playing around in the program. The only thing is that it seems to be a bit slow at times. The changes I made yesterday, that I thought didn’t go through, appeared today. Is this normal for there to be a lag?

I can’t answer any of your questions unless you explain what you are doing. Please explain how you are editing files, are you using publishing? A screenshot could be helpful.

Do these help?

Yes, thank you. So when you modify files do you run the publisher again, or did you check the box that said "When file is saved, publish it… " ?

See the documentation here for details on how to use Publishing:

I did both
I checked that box and manually publish every file that I update

And after manually publishing if you check the file on the server it is not updated?

When I check in the browser, it’s not there. Sometimes it shows up right away and others it takes a while before I can see the changes. I cleared my cache and have been using both Chrome and Safari.

Can you verify using a third party tool if the file on the server is being updated? Check the date modification timestamp. If you can verify that it is in fact being updated then we know that the issue is with your server, and not with Komodo’s publishing.