New File from Template on Mac only Works Once


The “New File from Template” feature on Mac doesn’t seem to be working properly. It only works once per startup. The only way I can get it to work again is to close the application and restart it. I’ve tried different paths like the keyboard shortcut, from the top menu, and from the new tab home page and same results. This only occurs on Macs because I have Komodo installed on my Windows box at work and it works just fine there. I feel like this may have been reported before, so sorry if I’m being redundant. If that’s the case, I would definitely appreciate a link referencing a topic that resolved this.


This sounds very similar to other issues on Mac that the nightly fixes. It might be worth trying to download the nightly at and see if that solve it.

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Agreed with @ssigwart. I’m guessing ALL of Commando doesn’t work after the first use, eg. Cmd + Shift + o won’t open Commando either. The nightly should fix it.

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My apologies for the extremely delayed reply. Hectic personal life. :wink: Yes, I had those issues as well. I have installed the nightly version and it has done the trick, so it’s looks like I’m good. Thanks to all for the input.

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