New code explorer idea

I rly like my Komodo layout, but there’s one thing missing. It would be rly cool to have this kind of explorer on the top. I saw this feature in Visual Studio, it is very convenient and compact.

If I have over 30 methods in my file, how these toolbars should looks like?

It’s a drop-down list with scrollbar. Active options shows class and method you currently on. Here’s how it looks like in VS. Everything sorted in alphabet order.

That’s interesting.

I assume you’ve seen the section list, at the end of the breadcrumbs?

What list? There’s cursor coordinates, encoding and language selection.

Click on the box to the right of the filename in your breadcrumbs (the interactive file path).

I think I don’t have one.

Ahh my bad, you are using Komodo Edit. Edit does not have this feature, nor would it be able to facilitate what you’re asking for. These type of integrations are limited to the IDE.