Need Komodo keyboard shortcuts for debugging

I’m brand new to Komodo. I need to know the commands for Single Step, Step Into and Step Out.

I’ve looked at the AS docs, and it says the keys are: F11, F12, and [shift]F11 respectively. However, when I try them, the keys only toggle various viewing modes rather than single-step the code. What are the real keyboard shortcuts, OR what config changes to I have to make to allow these shortcuts to be used?


Morning Tia,

Thanks for your question. It looks like that docs section has gone stale. Our mistake. I’d use Help menu > List Key Bindings to see what your currently configured schema is, I assume you’re using default.

It should be F8 for Single and Step Into, Shift + F8 for Step Out and F9 for Step Over.

  • Carey

As an aside, TIA means “Thanks In Advance.” :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll see if that works. I was trying what the Perldocs file said and it wasn’t working.

@dolson haha, my bad! Never seen that acronym.


No worries (heh). I appreciate your info upthread. I’m going to try it shortly.

That worked!

Last question: Is there a kbd shortcut for GO? (The quivalent of a “continue” if you will.)


I ALMOST asked what kdb meant…almost. It should be F5 but I think it might be different between Mac and Linux/Windows. It should be in the Help > List Key Bindings window I mentioned. Looks like it’s Cmd + . on Mac.

  • Carey

Cool. I’ll try it. (Right now I’ve got so much to read up on it feels like i’ll never catch up - sigh.)

And you young guys, I’ll get you up to speed on all those TLA’s (snicker)

TLA - Three Letter Acronym. Kind-of a self-referencing joke. ;^)

A new recursive acronym is always welcome.