Need Advice Regarding Features

I use kubuntu 14.04 and have FF as my browser.

I am having a lot of trouble finding an HTML editor and viewer.

I am looking for a free and permanent programme.

Will Komodo Edit allow me to create/edit HTML code and view the pages?.

If viewing the webpages is not possible with the editor, what is the recommended method for viewing the results of the created code?


Ps. If so, can you advise regarding installation/uninstallation

You can easily view your HTML pages in Komodo using Browser Preview feature, or preview CSS files with a HTML file to change styles and see your changes in real time.
But as for me, I’m using Auto Reload add-on for Firefox, it reloads the page if a file in the directory you binded for a domain has changed.

Note you could easily use auto-reload in Komodo preview as well, either using one of the numerous solutions around using javascript or by creating a small Komodo macro.