Native Colour Picker

(I don’t know whether this is the correct forum for this topic, so please bear with me).

I work on a Macintosh, and must say that I prefer the native colour picker to the one built in to Komodo Edit. I have also added a few third party custom colour pickers to the native one, so I missing all of that functionality.

Is it possible to implement/reinstate the native colour picker?


You can get the native color picker back with:

require("ko/prefs").setString('colorpicker_cid', ';1')

Note that this is deprecated and we will likely remove it in a future version, as we want the workflow within Komodo to be consistent and maintainable across all platforms. It should be very simple to turn it into an addon when that happens though.

Thanks. It works. Two supplemental questions:

  • How do you change it back?
  • Would it work the same way as an addon? If so, I can write an addon accordingly.


The same command, but replace;1 with;1

Thanks. I have saved it in two macros. I’ll write something more intelligent when the time comes.


An addon will be an overkill there. There’s a very powerful UI SDK, this could be done in a macro.

UI SDK for macros? Where can I learn more?

Not sure there’s an official documentation, but there:


@Defman why are we talking about the UI SDK? I don’t see anything here that would merit this :slight_smile:

@nathanr a button that would change the color picker :stuck_out_tongue:

I think this could be done using a custom toolbar though.

Yeah creating a toolbar in the toolbox would do the trick.

Done. In recent versions I lost the ability to create custom toolbars for some reason, so had forgotten about it altogether.

Thanks for your help.