My script runs significantly slower under Komodo

I am timing file parsing of a large file.
To get to a specific stage takes 216 seconds when running under Komodo.
Running from the command line takes 100 seconds.
Is this expected?

Running Windows 7 64 bit and Perl 5.8.8.
Yeah I know, update to a newer Perl.
Will that definitive correct the performance?

J.R. Heisey

Hi, Komodo is not a Perl interpreter, so it is not actually the program running your Perl code. Komodo tries to find a Perl interpreter on your system to run Perl code with. Perhaps the Perl interpreter it found is different from the Perl interpreter you notice as faster? (Edit > Preferences > Languages > Perl) It’s also possible you are working with a large project and Komodo’s codeintel is scanning that project (thus using some CPU time).

One other question, how are you running the code? What are the exact steps you take to run the code?

Note that if you’re running it through the debugger it will always be slower.