Move side pane tabs to bottom

Hi there!

I just installed today Komodo Edit 9, I’ve used the version 8.5 for a year before. I’ve managed to customize the color scheme to the default color palette of the previous version (in this version that palette has been removed, why?), but I am unable to move the tabs of the side panes to the bottom as it was on the version 8.5. Does anyone think that there is a way to accomplish that?

Ehh? Click on the icon of the tab you want to move and press Customize, and just move the icon to the bottom pane.
Or do the same thing but instead of clicking on Customize choose Move to Pane and select the pane you want.

Thanks for your help, actually what I meant is to move the icon to the bottom of the SAME pane, like this:

I like this way since I get used to it in the previous version of Komodo:

I sure you can’t do that. @nathanr?

You should know better by now Defman - you can do just about anything … :wink:

Install Stylish and use the following CSS rule:

ko-pane[type="icons"] .pane-container {
  -moz-box-direction: reverse !important;

ko-pane[type="icons"] .pane-container .tabstrip-box {
  border-bottom: 0 !important;
  border-top: 1px solid rgba(0,0,0,0.15) !important;
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Wow thank you very much!

I had to modify the “install.rdf” file inside the xpi archive in order to enable the Komodo 9 version (max version is still setted to 8.*)

I tried also to modify your styles to add a bit of padding-bottom to .tabstrip-box, but I couldn’t add the border bottom to all the icons since I do not know the DOM behind (I searched a little bit on Google and I found some of your code on GitHub but I didn’t go any further).

Do you know where I can find all the DOM used by Kmodo so I can modify all the parts of the IDE when I want?

Thanks again!