More lag issues

I already had this issue in the past, when my Komodo just “updated itself” to 8.1, despite me not wanting to update. It took almost a year to resolve the issue, even with multiple staff help … ITS BACK! I don’t know what is going on, the last time this “lag issue” happened, I uninstalled and re-installed Komodo and it fixed it. And the time before that, and the time before that, and so on, ever since I was “forced” to jump on the “nightly build” a couple months ago as a “resolution” to my problems.
Well I’m sick of uninstalling and re-installing and now y’all have a version 9! and NEVER fixed this issue! This is my 4th paid for version of KIDE and I still think 7 was the best one yet. Why on earth should I upgrade to 9 when you can’t even fix 8? Why should i pay for another broken version?

Extremely frustrated!

Komodo IDE, version 8.5.4, build 86686, platform win32-x86.
Built on Thu Jul 17 01:07:54 2014.

Could you try quitting Komodo, going to your Profile folder and deleting your codeintel folder, then start Komodo again. Does that (temporarily?) resolve your lag issue?

Few further questions to help us on our way

  • How large are the Projects you’re working on? (approximate number of files/folders)
  • What languages are you primarily working in?
  • Are you using source code control systems? And if so; which?
  • Can you explain the lag you’re experiencing? Ie. is it UI lag, lag when opening files, lag when typing, etc.
  • Have you already reported your problem on the bug tracker?


Note I’ve edited your title, I recognize you’re frustrated and I’m sorry that your issue has persisted, but we do want to keep these forums clean and friendly.

First off, yes. That has become routine, which is also not cool. At this point, deleting that folder and complete uninstall/reinstall has become so routine, the i have desktop shortcuts to that folder and to the installer.

Average directory where “might” save a project file (although that tends to be slower, so i’ve gotten in a habit of just keeping a directory open in explorer and drag/dropping files into KIDE) is about 15MB.

Primary lang: PHP, JS, UI=HTML/CSS … typical php sites. sometimes I open other things for personal editing and custom in office stuff, like python messenger i made for in office, but that’s rare. written and done.

Yes, was in bug tracker over a year ago, i think. not entirly sure at this point, just frustrated.

Lag experienced: No matter how I get to a file, if I click away from KIDE and back to it, it takes at least 10 to 30 seconds to respond, sometimes it even crashes completely and then reloads itself.
Whenever I press “ctrl+s” to save, it takes another 8 to 15 seconds to respond. Switching between file tabs takes about 3 to 5 seconds. opening a networked dir in the tree viewer on the left can take up to a whole minute for just a 15 MB dir on a networked dir that NO OTHER program on my pc has any trouble getting to in nanoseconds.
Interesting note, the free version on my coworkers computer has NO NETWORK LAG AT ALL. I’m considering downgrading to that today until this is fixed. My boss doesn’t mind buying him a key and I wouldn’t mind mine, if it worked. But with these kinds of network issues, it’s almost impossible to work. My coworker generally uses Note+ but we put the free Komodo on it yesterday to test and of course, everything runs smooth.
That’s annoying. I feel like my paid for version should have a lot better responsiveness.

You mention networked dirs, could you explain how you are connected to projects on a network?

Also, do all codeintel functions (go to definition, section list, autocompletion, etc) remain operational despite Komodo slowing down significantly?

Keep in mind Komodo scans your entire project. So whilst it might take a fraction of a second to open a single file, it can take significantly longer to scan an entire (15mb) project on a network share. I’m not saying that is your problem, just that it might be a contributing factor.

Please check the following Komodo preference:
Editor > Detect when networked files are changed outside of the environment
if it’s enabled, try disabling it (as this can cause Komodo lag for networked filesystems). Note that Komodo will still detect any remote file changes (when you save), this preference is to detect remote file changes when you haven’t made any file changes.

That does seem to help a little. However, it’s still laggy enough, i’m just going to reinstall again. Also, turning that option off kind of hurts, since some of the files i work on are sometimes worked on by 2 other people here. We genereally have a check in/out system we use, never the less, it’s helpful as sometimes i’ll leave a file open that someone else makes a quick change to so all i have to do is click ok to refresh it when it’s changed.
Also found an IPv6 tunneling issue on our server that i had to shut down, so not really sure if that or the editor change i just tried made the difference, but i am reinstalling anyway. Not only for the lag, but because i’m also now having to check over the whole network for possible malware since this tunnel came in 2 days ago.
My frustration tho is that this has been going on since last year, unfortunately multiple things are happening now, so pinpointing the issue is harder this time around.
I’ll try to make sure to make a quicker update of this issue in the future when it happens again. Last time was in April, and we had no network problems then at all.
Also not sure why the Edit version seems to function flawlessly compared to the paid for, IDE version.
Any way, after 3 days of this, i’m reaching my solution. Thanks for the help again. As irritated as I’ve been with 8, your service has been good as usual.
I might consider upgrading to 9 in the future, but not till i have time to read a few hundred reviews and known bugs because 8 has been a headache.
I really miss 7. Never had a problem with it, and only prob i had with 6 wasn’t even with the IDE itself, just plugins i was using.