Min pc and window 10

hello i would like to buy a mini pc to show a part of my work with komodo ide 10 :

what do you think about this, is it enough to run komdo ? :

Should be enough for Komodo. However, I’d not buy a 2gb version.

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The minimum requirements for Komodo can be found in the docs: http://docs.komodoide.com/Manual/install#komodo-installation-guide_windows_prerequisites

I THINK that processor is fine but that looks a LOT like a tablet and typically Komodo doesn’t run on tablets. I looked up the specs on it (Intel Cherry Trail Z8300) and it says it’s x64 so should be fine.

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I think you should move them back to Download page, or at least give a link to this page. I’ve spent about 20 minutes trying to find that and no luck.

Thanks everybody !