Migrate Komodo profile between platforms? Mac > PC

Can I migrate my Komodo Edit 11 profile from a Mac to a Windows PC?

I’ve been using it on a Mac, with considerable number of customizations, macros, etc.

If I install Komodo on a Windows system, can I copy the profile from the Mac? Will the key bindings work? Do you think I’ll find many key binding conflicts - key bindings that work on the Mac but are already “taken” on the PC?

Any advice appreciated, thanks!

Hey @hommealone ,

We’ve done our best to map Ctrl to Cmd but there are definitely some key bindings that just didn’t work due to a number of reasons. Best to just try it out. You’re inevitably going to have to learn some new bindings when switching between Mac and PC…Rip the band aid off.

The folders/files you can migrate without issues are:

  • XRE/extensions
  • XRE/keys3.db (remote login)
  • XRE/logins.json (remote login)
  • schemes (colour schemes, keybinding schemes)
  • tools (macros and everything else from your toolbox)
  • prefs.xml

Here’s some additional info about our profile structure in case you need it or are interested:

That should get you nicely migrated.

  • Carey