Migrate Komodo 10 profile to Komodo 11

Can I use working Windows 10 Komodo 11 profiles on Linux Komodo 11 profiles ?

(such as copy Windows 10 komodo 11 profiles over to Linux Komodo 11 to correct locations, if they are text files)

If the answer is yes then any modification of those profiles ?

Breaking this out into a new top as it’s a new question.

To have Komodo upgrade your Komodo 10 profile to your Komodo 11 install do the following:

  • make sure your K10 profile is in the correct location on your computer (details: Important File Locations)
  • remove or rename your 11.x profile folder
  • start Komodo

Komodo will find your Komodo 10 profile on start up and update it as needed. It should use everything there without issue.

  • Carey