Mercurial error, can't push to bitbucket

Well, Hi everyone!

I’m trying to push to my bitbucket repository new changesets. Well, it works pretty well from tortoisehg and Hg command prompt. It just asks for my bitbucket password on this repo and that’s all. but when I’m trying to push it directly from Komodo IDE it gives out an error HGLibError("Error 255 running '[u'C:\\\\Program Files\\\\Mercurial\\\\hg.EXE', 'push', '--rev', u'default', '--', u'']': \nabort: http authorization required for\n",)
Wow! really? He tried to push it without asking me for password and reports an error?! fair, but… I just don’t now how to make it work they way it should:
1)ask me for password
2)successfully push to my repository


That’s weird. @toddw?