Menu and udl questions


I have questions related to Komodo IDE 10.1.1 build 89515

  1. I created two new menus. Both reflect the menu access keys when assigned but if I close and reopen the program the keys are lost - entry box is blank. Is this a bug?

  2. In the past I have successfully created a custom language lexer using the process you describe in the SDK. Today I took the Pythonlex udl file from the sdk directory, made a simple modification of deleting some of the key words, compiled it and tried to load it. It said it was incompatible and it would not load. Are the udl’s shipped with the build not compatible with Komodo X? Has the process for compiling changed?

  3. Can I take a working lexer, for example YAML, and simply make a copy and rename it?

Rod Holland

Hi Rod, I don’t know about (1), but I can address (2) and (3).

(2): When Komodo said “it was incompatible”, do you mean the add-on you created using the “Build and Install” toolbox script? I myself am not seeing that. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I did Project > New From Template > Create Komodo Language, filled out the wizard, then ran the “Build and Install” toolbox script. Komodo told me the language was installed and prompted me to restart.

(3) No, it’s not that simple. The easiest way to add/modify languages in Komodo is to go the Project > New from Template > Create Komodo Language route, and use an existing UDL language. This only works for UDL lexers though, not C++ ones like YAML.

Hi Mitchell,

Thanks for the response. Re (2): Yes it said the add-on was incompatible. However, I built it from the command line using the process described in the SDK docs - which was successful a few Komodos ago - maybe 8. I will try to do it through the menu and see if the result is different.

It turns out that the YAML lexer does what I want out of the box so the problem is resolved for now.