maxOS Sierra + Komodo Edit

I’ve been using Komodo Edit for many year. I used to used Komodo IDE, but as a single person developer, found that Komodo Edit meets all my needs for PHP / JavaScript / CSS.

I very recently updated to 10.1.1 for macOS Sierra, and while many things are much nicer, I’m finding Komodo Edit very unstable. It crashes perhaps 1 out of 3 work sessions - somtimes completely randomly, but the crash usually happens when I close a file or project.

This is most unsatisfactory, and for the first time in many years, I’m considering leaving Komodo.

Is anyone else having similar stability issues? Is it my aging 2010 Mac Pro or just macOS? This sort of crash never happened with previous versions of Komodo Edit on pre-Sierra versions of Mac OS X.

The lengthy thread is here:

tl;dr (because it is actually very, very lengthy) there is probably a fix, no ETA on when it’ll arrive in nightly, there’s a few things in the thread you can do in the meantime to help.

ETA is about 1 week. You can apply the fix manually yourself in the meantime:

I’m on macOS Sierra 10.12.2.

I’m seeing crashes in 9.3.2 every time I try to quit, and 10.1.3 every time I try to start! That’s right - it never works.

Am I an outlier, or is anyone else seeing this?

(If I should start a new thread instead of replying here, please feel free to instruct me).

@pturley please see

Could you start a new thread for the “every time you start” crash?