Mapped URIs not sticking

When entering URI mapping, the values don’t seem to take. Here’s a link to an example on my dropbox.

I’m running OS X 10.9.3 and Komodo IDE 8.5.3, build 14067. Any input would be much appreciated.

Could you try clicking in the list where your entry should be? There is a paint bug on OSX which occasionally causes entries not to show even though they are there, hovering/clicking on them may force them to show.

Otherwise, try setting your mapped uri directly in your global prefs (rather than project prefs) to see if that makes any difference?

Sorry, neither of those did the trick.

Could you post your error log when the problem occurs? Help > Troubleshooting > View Log File.

Here ya go:

[2014-06-06 13:35:38,572] [WARNING] koInitService: Unable to determine the current locale settings, defaulting to mac-roman
[2014-06-06 13:35:38,585] [WARNING] koEnviron: skipping environment string: 'COM_GOOGLE_CHROME_FRAMEWORK_SERVICE_PROCESS/USERS/MIKE/LIBRARY/APPLICATION_SUPPORT/GOOGLE/CHROME_SOCKET=/tmp/launch-Av2bkz/ServiceProcessSocket'
[2014-06-06 13:35:40,868] [DEBUG] places_js: waiting for document complete
[2014-06-06 13:35:40,892] [WARNING] root: ko.findresults was already loaded, re-creating it.

[2014-06-06 15:24:44,620] [ERROR] filepickers: problem setting '[2014-06-06 13:33:58,499] [WARNING] koInitService: Unable to determine the current locale settings, defaulting to mac-roman [2014-06-06 13:33:58,724] [WARNING] koEnviron: skipping environment string: 'COM_GOOGLE_CHROME_FRAMEWORK_SERVICE_PROCESS/USERS/MIKE/LIBRARY/APPLICATION_SUPPORT/GOOGLE/CHROME_SOCKET=/tmp/launch-Av2bkz/ServiceProcessSocket' [2014-06-06 13:34:03,332] [DEBUG] places_js: waiting for document complete [2014-06-06 13:34:03,365] [WARNING] root: ko.findresults was already loaded, re-creating it.' as default directory for file pickerTraceback from ERROR in 'filepickers' logger:

It just occurred to me you seem to be adding the path where you need to add the URI and vice versa. Try using the local/remote buttons to pick the paths and ensure that they are set correctly.

It doesn’t make any difference what I type into any of the fields, the content will not stick. I can click in a field, then click a local/remote button and it will not stick. Oddly, clicking on either button fills in the Map to field. Selecting the URI field and clicking on either button fills in the Map to field.

Here’s a link to another example on my dropbox.

Forgive me for sounding like a ninny. I’m a long time Dreamweaver user who’s looking to pickup his game. But, is URI for local files and Maps to for remote, generally speaking, anyway? This is really unclear and the help docs aren’t very helpful sometimes. There seems to be a number of issues that chip away at the usability of this software. For example, did you know there is no Tools|Publishing|New Configuration option on OS X?

I was really looking forward to using Komodo. It seems like the other IDEs on the market are just the same re-hashed JAVA app. However, I’m not sure Komodo is ready but I’m willing to give it a chance if some of these issues can be resolved.

Odd that the thing won’t save; note, though, that both the local and remote buttons refer to the bottom text box, where the source file lives; the top text box refers to the address as found on the server when you try it out. For example, that could be something like http://localhost/~mike/Komodo Projects/.

Unfortunately, the log snippet you posted looked a little confused (it’s got bits of things running into each other). It might be useful to open up the other console to see if there are any relevant errors: make a new JavaScript macro, and enter this line as its contents:


Please paste the errors from that (excluding a silly thing about parent.getAttribute not being a function if you see those). This should be easier in Komodo 9 (at which point the messages here will go into the main log file).

It looks you’re using Komodo Edit, in which case that there not being a Publishing option on OS X is expected (that’s an IDE feature). You also don’t appear have any debugging-related menus.

Thanks for using Komodo! Hopefully we can get your issues resolved and let you enjoy the non-Java choice :slight_smile:

I can repro this Project level Mapped URIs prefs bug on OS X easily. Not seeing it on Windows. Don’t have a Linux VM at this very moment to check.

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