Make all languages viewable ( Feature Request )

I love that I can use CTRL-SHIFT-N ( to create a new file on the spot within Komodo ). It’s even better that I can scroll through all the languages, and select whatever kind of language I want to use.

Just wondering if would be possible to have the box dimensions draggable so all the languages can be viewed. The amount of languages supported on Komodo is really great, and it feels good about the product to see them all and know I can pretty much create whatever I wanted with Komodo. I usually just use HTML, CSS, and Python, but it would be nice to see the complete palette of supported languages whenever I hit the CTRL-SHIFT-N.

It’s just an idea…

Thanks for the report. That dialog isn’t resizing correctly, so I fixed it in the source code (for Komodo 9): (master)

Other than that - you can also create your own custom template folders - just click on the “Open Template Folder” button and copy/paste what you need.