Mac Komodo IDE loses all mouse interactivity after Project Replace All

I’m working on a Mac (I hate Macs) for a few days on a job and Komodo IDE is losing all mouse interactivity after I do a Project Replace All.

It seems to happen when I Confirm Changes then pop up the Diff view. As soon as I close it, BOOM! No more mouse. The only way back appears to quit and restart.

Has anyone else had this?

Yes, a modal dialog issue on Mac OS X:


Thanks for the info, Todd

Just fixed it - will go into 8.5.x nightlies.

Lol :smile:

Every time i use a Mac, I find something new to complain about!

Today’s edition: too many modifier keys, the symbols on the keys don’t match what’s shown in the menus, and the ones that you need are seemingly spread about. F’n Macs!

Thanks Todd :slight_smile:

What is your base OS? Windows or Linux?

Windows. It mainly does everything I need it to do, and really well, though there are a few things i wish it did better like SSH and a few other dev things that Mac and Linux just seem to handle better.

@davestewart FWIW, I use SSH on Windows by putting the my Git install bin folder on my PATH. Works pretty well. Doesn’t cover everything like Putty and Pageant do but it probably could, I just haven’t spent the time to try and work those missing pieces out.

  • Carey

Thanks Carey, I’ll have a look at that.

I was in a job recently and no-one could get GitHub syncing on a new build PC. Eventually a network admin came to lend a hand and explained that Putty uses a different format SSH key to GitHub, which was why it would never work.

This is where Pagaent comes in right?

Each time I set up a PC I forget all the hoops I have to jump through to get things working, then a year later or so when I have to do it again, I end up spending hours on Google and finding a ton of conflicting articles on StackOverflow, Google, etc.

Anyway, on a new laptop now, so think I will be going through the mill again soon!

This is why I use Linux - I get to use a terminal that works properly :slight_smile: