Mac: compatibility with Split View

I would like to be able to use Komodo in Split View of MacOS side-by-side with a web browser.

This is what browser preview does, am I missing something? Could you elaborate on what it is you want?

Perhaps it’s some new Mac feature, like Windows’ window snapping.

To anyone confused about what splitview on Mac means (I was):

Thanks for filing that @Mike_Thicke.

So it’s just about showing two windows alongside each other?

@nathanr, no, read the repro steps and try it on a Mac and you’ll know what’s broken.

Unfortunately my Mac Mini is so slow that even something as simple as those repro steps will take me 15 minutes.

It’s strange that using native window borders doesn’t resolve it, I can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t. If that is the case though, this isn’t something that could be resolved on our end. It’d require a Mozilla update and that’s very unlikely to happen any time soon.

I’m able to have Safari and Firefox in Split View with no problems…