Lots of errors messages in the pystderr.log

I thought you should know. I’m not sure it is causing me any problems. Just moving my mouse across the open app causes a flurry of these messages.

[2014-11-21 17:29:25,760] [ERROR] console-logger: parent.getAttribute is not a function (2) in resource://gre/modules/WindowDraggingUtils.jsm:39
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “resource://gre/modules/WindowDraggingUtils.jsm”, line 39, in

Komodo IDE, version 9.0.0-alpha1, build 86543, platform macosx.
Built on Wed Nov 19 17:48:28 2014.

Can you clarify what you mean by “Open App”? Fast Open / Commando?


If Komodo IDE is open on my desktop, and I move the mouse across the application’s window, a series of these messages is logged. It generates some fixed number of messages each time I enter the application window.

I see. Note that 9.0 is a pre-release, its essentially an alpha right now. These error messages will be cleaned up as we get closer to release. Please report any issues you run into while using 9.0, at which point we will likely ask you to include your log file. But simply seeing log messages is at this point not really a “bug” on itself.