Lost saved publishing configurations

I am not quite sure what happened, the Komodo IDE 9.0.1 build 87208 on PC. I had a saved configuration for publishing from my remote web server. Next day, I try to run the publishing again due I am working between two computers. It’s gone and I had to set up again.

Not sure if this is a bug or something I must have changed to clear the saved configurations.

Also, why is the publishing tool is so deep into the menu? There isn’t an option I can put it into the toolbar? Any web server I work on doesn’t support subversion sadly, especially shared hosting. If anyone can come up with a better way workflow, please let me know so I don’t have to keep using the slow Publishing tool.


Are you using the menu from your toolbar? There is a bug in 9.0 where it would not show your publishing configs. It is resolved in 9.1 (pre-release): http://komodoide.com/download/#preview

Indeed, I am. Thank you for news on bug fix which it explains everything.