Lorem Ipsum - Komodo Edit

Hello… is there a shortcut to add Loprem Ipsum within Komodo Edit?


If you can convince one of the fine Community members to move this addon into the new Packages repo then you’ll have that and more.

You could first try commenting on the addons comment thread and seeing if the original developer will update and move it.

  • Carey

Not compatible with current version… such basic feature missing. Done with Komodo, next!

I believe I mentioned that, though indirectly.

I forgot it’s in the Emmet addon as well which is up to date: http://komodoide.com/packages/addons/emmet/

  • Carey
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Note you could easily use a Komodo snippet for this. You could create multiple for different lipsum lengths.

Of course it wouldn’t be too difficult to write a userscript for this (I might do this when it’s not Friday evening :p) but snippets would allow you to do this without writing any code.

Or just create a snippet which will translate lorem<n-of-words> to lipsum text. (That’s how it’s implemented in Emmet) IIRC Komodo SDK contains a simple method to get the word before the cursor.