Long term user, very disappointed, going for another editor

So I’ve been using Komodo edit since… I think version 3? or 4? At least I’ve been using it for like 7 years or so. Somehow it always simultaneously was my favorite and worst editor ever. I’ve gotten to the point, however, where I think I’ll switch for another editor as it has been just too much for me. I’m currenly using Komodo 11.1 (afaik the latest version)


  • It was reasonably light weight

  • It had what I needed and nothing more

  • File navigator allows searching by typing

  • Allows me to disable all crap I don’t want

Well here we go…

  • Projects are unusable. I tried using projects on multiple occasions and it always ends in crashes, corrupted project files, etc. I literally could not switch between a project without crashes and found it to be 100% unusable, and so I never used it.

  • Slow down issues… Since at least version 4 or so, if over a day of work you open and close files, it gets slower, and slower and slower… until at one point you write something and have to wait 10 seconds for the text to appear on screen. Solution is to CTRL-ESC click, hard kill the app, and restart. Its manageable, but annoying. Typically I can work around… 4 hours or so, and then I have to kill Komodo because it just is toooo slooooowww. If I open and close loads of files it typically gets much worse much faster.

  • When it opens up, the navigator always is in the wrong directory. I have a projects/CUSTOMER/PROJECT directory division and it would always start in a project that I looked at months ago, not the one that was in use 5 minutes ago when I was working on it. This, on more than one occasion, lead to me looking around in the wrong project directory

  • File navigator loses files. When git branch switching, for example, or running update scripts that would update files outside komodo, the file navigator suddenly loses that file. I would want to open it, type the name in the navigator, and its gone, again. I’d have to refresh the directory for it to come back again. This has been a bug since v4 at least, I’ve reported the bug on multiple occasions, I’ve talked to devs on IRC, but the issue, years later, is still there.

  • Background file scanning always grinds komodo to a halt. Not only that, it typically (basically always) hangs, and then I have these mustard green blocks saying “83% Scanning PHP files in /usr/share/php/Composer/SelfUpdate” so badly frozen on screen that it won’t even hide itself below yakuake, or if I switch to a different desktop, it still shows. Funny thing is that I don’t use anything in that path.

  • CTRL-click on function sometimes takes me to a function definition, most of the time it does not, even if the function is right there 10 lines above in the same @#$@# file.

  • File search / replace CTRL-F applies parameters (case sensitive, regex, etc) from CTRL-H, even though in CTRL-F they are not shown as applied, which is really annoying because I regularly end up searching with the wrong parameters

  • File search regularly crashes on UTF crap and when it does, its dead and I’ll have to restart komodo in order to search again. I basically resorted to using grep for searching as searching with Komodo basically has become impossible

Like I said, Komodo could easily be the best editor ever, but because of its buggy nature I have decided that enough is enough… I’ve posted bug reports in the past, nothing has happened. I hope somebody takes this post serious, maybe I’ll give it a try again in a few months if I haven’t found anything great yet, but please… Fix this crap.

Morning @capmega, thanks for the feedback.

We’ve released a few nightlies over the last few months with quite a few updates: http://downloads.activestate.com/Komodo/nightly/komodoedit/latest-11.1.x/

Now to your feedback.

  1. I’m not familiar with these issues with Projects. Could you link a bug report?

  2. The slow down issue is regrettable and unfortunately not the easiest thing to address though we’ve recently had some changes in the nightly build that could potentially help with apparent memory leaks on file opening and closing. I think this would be the most relevant ticket: https://github.com/Komodo/KomodoEdit/issues/2696

  3. I should clarify what you mean by “navigator” here. I thought you were talking about Places but in point 4 it sounds like you’re talking about Commando (Go To Anything). I’m not aware of a bug report on this in either. Can you link it for follow up?

  4. Need clarification on point 3 to respond to this. If it’s Places you can use Refresh Status in the context menu of the root dir drop down.

  5. This shouldn’t be the case. If it’s Code Intel file scanning then that is a process separate from Komodo and should not effect it unless it’s over running the entire computers resources. Having said that, if you see Code Intel scanning directories you don’t use you can add them to Komodo menu > Preferences > Languages > PHP > PHP Directories: Specify any directories you want to exclude…. To dig further into this we’ll probably need a separate forum thread so as not to clutter this one, assuming you’re even interested in follow up.

  6. It would be helpful to know in which cases these fail. Some cases have been fixed. I think any currently open issues are for the Code Intel 3 that was added to Komodo IDE in Komodo 11.

  7. I’m not able to reproduce this. I Ctrl+Shift+H (Find/replace), set case sensitive, search, close. Ctrl+F (incremental search), all search params match what was set in Find/Replace. If I change them in Incremental Search and open Find/Replace, the changed settings are there.

  8. I’m not aware of this issue. If there is a bug report could you share it, if there isn’t, could you file it?

Thanks again for the feedback. It’s always welcome.