Location arrows behavior

Hi. I’m using Komodo for a year now, but I just noticed this buttons. :smile: And I’ve found them useless, because they switching between files, not between recent lines I’ve made changes on. For example, I have 2 files opened - js one and php one. I made one change in js file, then two changes in php file on lines 10 and 300. It would be great if I could jump from line 300 back to line 10 fast, but location arrows behaves different. It is very, VEEERY common scenario, when I make changes in one php-file but on different lines, so I have to create bookmarks each time to switch between positions. Any suggestions how I can make location arrows consider last edit points as locations too? Or make simular macros to move back and forth with hot keys? If not, please consider my post as an idea for the project. Thx.

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You can use Ctrl+G feature.

I find this convenient only when you get php-error and you need to find specific line fast. Bookmarks are easier than remembering lines all the time, but it would be even easier if you don’t have to create and delete bookmarks all the time.

With Komodo 9 you’ll be able to easily navigate between bookmarks with Commando, but thats not the ideal solution for this particular use-case.

I agree that it should consider where you last edited a file, I’ll see about adding this functionality.

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Filed an enhancement request here: https://bugs.activestate.com/show_bug.cgi?id=104803