Local PHP Debugger doesn't work in 8.5

I am trying to debug a small PHP program. PHP seems to be set up properly, and xdebug is installed as well (see attached screenshot). When I run debugger (through F5 or on the menu), I get the startup screen as expected (see second screenshot). However, when the script runs, it doesn’t stop at the breakpoint, but runs all the way through.

I guess, as a new user I am limited to one screenshot (10 years tenure in the old forum doesn’t count). So, you will have to trust me that everything looks good in the startup dialog as well.

You might need to set up URI mapping for Komodo to be able to make the connection between your breakpoint and the code xdebug is running through. Check out Prefs > Mapped URIs.

Can you elaborate, how mapped URI is relevant to local PHP debugging? I am running PHP as CLI.
Thank you

Make sure you’ve installed the Xdebug build shipped by the Komodo team. With official builds, breakpoints don’t seem to work.

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Thank you @alvaro! That was it. Does anybody know whether it is a bug or “by design”?

I think it’s not so much a bug as it is just a way for us to make sure that you are using a compatible xdebug version. It’s difficult to ensure compatibility with all of the possible distributed versions of xdebug.

Komodo should work with the official xdebug version as well, so if breakpoints are not working in the official version, then it’s likely a bug in Xdebug.

For the included Komodo version, we perform QA on a particular version of Xdebug and then include that in the build - so we know we have a working version when we make a release.