List of classes/functions for C++ & C# in Komodo Edit?


First, I would like to thank all developers of Komodo for creating this fantastic product. The macro and scripting capabilities offered by this editor are THE BEST among all modern editors IMO. Its a pity that more people do not know about this product.

I use Komodo Edit to program in C++ and C# (I have set up userscripts for compilation). I have been looking for an option to display a list of all classes/functions/methods/properties in the current file in a side pane. Is this possible in Komodo Edit?



Try the New Source Tree addon:

You can install it using Commando (Ctrl + Shift + O) > Packages > Addons. From there you should be able to find your way. Place ask if you get stuck.

  • Carey


I tried searching for “New Source tree” after going to “Commando > Packages > Addons” but I get no search results. Also, when I go to Hamburger menu > View > Tabs & sidebars > Source a new pane opens on the right side, but it does not display anything. I tried opening a C# code file but it does not display any functions/classes etc. What could be wrong?


Well that’s a pain. @aks2161989, this might be a bit of a pain until I can get around to fixing the addon page.

If you clone the source I can assist you getting it installed:

You should be able to use the file to generate the xpi file that you’ll then drag and drop onto Komodo. If you’re on Windows and can’t run a bash file, you should be able to get what’s going on in the bash file and mimic it’s behavior.

  • Carey


@careyh I was able to create the .xpi file by reading the bash file and doing everything manually ( I am on Windows). I was able to install it successfully.

The add-on seems to work for C++, but it does not work for my main programming language C#. The “Source” panel remains empty when I open a .cs file.

Is there a way to enable it for C# ?


@aks2161989, I missed the C# in your original post. C# isn’t supported in the underlying Code Intel (C++ has very basic support). Sorry to give you the run around like that.

  • Carey


No problem @careyh Thanks for trying to help!