Linux Ubuntu - Can't get out of fullscreen

I know it seems to be a simple question, but I honestly can’t figure out how to get out of full-screen mode. I’ve purged and reinstalled komodo edit but the problem persists. I followed the instructions here: and found the xml preferences file…but the value for fullscreen was already 0. Any ideas?

Did you delete the xmlc file as instructed? And was Komodo not running while you did this?

Have you tried simply pressing your fullscreen keyboard shortcut (F11 IIRC)?

More things to try:

  • I think the keyboard shortcut is actually Ctrl+K, F11 by default?
  • Try moving your mouse to the top of the screen (and hoping that the toolbar/menubar shows up).

I ended up purging it and installing the latest version of komodo edit to solve the problem.