[LINUX] How do I open Komodo Edit Nightly in terminal?

the title probably speaks for itself. Typing in “komodo” doesn’t work which is the way I would prefer.

export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/komodo_folder/bin/
sudo ln -s /path/to/komodo_folder/bin/komodo /usr/bin/

It’s also in the Komodo docs. Basically what you’re missing is a system PATH entry. You can’t run anything from terminal unless it’s in the current working directory (ie. the directory you’re running the command in) or it’s on the system path.

Note that the “export” example provided in the docs and by @Defman only exist for the current terminal window, any new window opened will not have that path. Search “permanent path entry linux” to add it for all sessions.

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If he’ll add this line to ~/.bashrc - then he will be able to use komodo in any terminal session (after running bash in the terminal or source ~/.bashrc)

@Defman very true. That’s why I suggested searching how to permanently add something to your system path.

@Yannick_Koitzsch sounds like they might be new to Linux though so I’m trying to help them understand why things might be happening when they try the suggestions above.

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This should be done in the installation process IMO (I mean adding export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/komodo/bin/ to ~/.bashrc) :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve already taken over this forum post enough @Defman. You know what to do when you want a feature added to Komodo.

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