Linked Templates

It would be really useful if it was possible to create new files from templates with the option of keeping the link “alive”.

What I mean is that when changes are made to the template, the corresponding changes will be made to any files making use of the template. I believe Dreamweaver has something similar.

This would come in useful when building sites that use complex elements such as headers, nativation menus, side bars etc. that are common on many pages and that need updating from time to time.

The template would need to have editable regions, where content can be added in the child pages. The remainder of the template content would only be editable when editing the template itself.

Perhaps this feature exists already, but I could not find it.


The file template feature has been completely rewritten for Komodo 11 (which is still in development). They work more like snippets now in that you can actually edit them right from Komodo rather than having to maintain some type of link.

We’re also adding a Folder Templates feature that might be more akin to what you’re looking for, but I don’t want to spoil too much …

Since templates are now Toolbox items couldn’t we just over an option to Open Tool rather than Open File From Template? Then you would be doing exactly what @merravid is asking for.

  • Carey

You can do both with the new implementation.