Line spacing preference; submitting questions/suggestions RE docs?

  1. What are the units for the “Line Spacing” preference under Preferences > Color Scheme > Fonts? It appears to default to 0 and text in the editor is notably more compressed vertically in Komodo than in other editors on my system configured to use the same font at the same size. I looked to see if this was covered in the new version of the docs, and the Line Spacing preference appears to be missing from that section of the docs.

  2. Where would it be most helpful to submit suggestions or note gaps (like this) in the content of at this point? I’m glad to submit those as issues on GitHub if that’s the most appropriate location.

  1. The default value for Line Spacing is 2, not 0.
  2. I think it’s better to report about it on the forums. Just notify one of the moderators/Komodo developers. Or you can use IRC. @nathanr how about create a topic on the forums where users can notify us about some bugs/suggestions related to the docs?

On point two, if you login to the wiki using your Github account you can request editing rights and we may or may not give you permission. Give it a shot @rstewart!

@Defman, prudent response but we want to allow easier access on the docs. We will obviously review changes.

  • Carey
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Most people will be permitted, @rstewart would for sure :slight_smile: It’s just to protect against spam and abuse.

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Addition to Carey’s post:
If you’ll become an editor, there’s a page contains the link on some broken pages:
Feel free to fix some of the pages mentioned in this page or find and add other buggy pages to this page. :wink: (And… I know I’ve overused the “page” word :stuck_out_tongue: )

OK, I’ll try to get access to the documents via my GitHub account. I think I may have inadvertently tried a day or two ago as I was looking at the docs for the new SDK API and it seemed to fail, but I will try for real.

Back to the question about line spacing in particular: What are the units? Pixels? Points? Percentage? Picas? Something else?

And how does this preference interact with the font’s own metrics?

In particular, the font I am using has built-in line spacing of 1.2x the line height. If I want it rendered in precisely that way (e.g., a 10pt font on a 12pt line height), what should that preference be set at?

I would kind of expect that if I don’t do anything with that preference, the default behavior would be to use the font’s own built-in metrics and that if I wanted to tighten the line spacing or loosen it (like for instance with a really tight font like Anonymous Pro), this line spacing preference would be the manner in which I could do that.

Expectations aside, I’d like to understand how it works. :smile:

Make your e-mail public on GitHub. It’s a requirement of gollum which the docs using as the engine.

Yup; that makes sense. The whining I saw said something about my email address, but I wasn’t paying much attention to it because I wasn’t really thinking I wanted/needed access. Thanks, @defman!

The line spacing is kind of a hack, it adds the amount you enter above and below the text on your line, I’m not certain about the unit that it uses. Does it really matter? You can just tweak it and see if you like the value that you’re using.

The default for our color schemes is 2, not 0. But you may be using older color schemes which are not defining a line spacing preference, in which case it defaults to 0.

Note that for Github authentication to work you currently need to be using a public email, as that is what the wiki uses as your “username” and tags your commits with. This is not ideal, I know, but that is what it is at the moment.

Line spacing is measured in pixels. Quite simply: the given spacing is divided in half: the first half is applied to extra space above the line, and the second half is applied to extra space below the line.