Launch Komodo with a Specific Komodo Project

Is it possible to Start Komodo with a specific Komodo Project or Project file as a command line option?
Thank you.


> ko \path\to\my.komodoproject

That should do it.

Thanks again, careyh.
Is there a post to explain the different invocations of Komodo:

  • ko from cmd.exe / powershell command line
  • komodo from cmd.exe/powershell command line
  • Windows launch

You can run ko --help for details on ko and komodo. Note that > ko \path\to\my.komodoproject is the [<files>...] portion of the help. You pass the project file to Komodo, Komodo sees that it’s a project file and does something other than open the file in the editor (ie. opens the project).

I’m not sure what you mean about Windows launch. What would this post include?

Thanks again, careyh.
Instead of “Windows Launch” I meant the Windows shortcut shown below which apparently evokes komodo.exe.
Wil Blake

Thanks for clarifying @wblake, I don’t think there is any additional information that ActiveState provides regarding that short cut.