Language tab/space settings for projects

Is it possible to have different tab and space settings for specific languages for different projects?

You can set different tab or space settings on global, project, language and file level.
For the global and language specific settings (preferences > editor > indentation):

You can overwrite this on project level:

The only thing missing here are the language specific settings:

You can overwrite this and the global settings on file level:

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It seems that the global “Per Language Indentation Settings” override any project indentation settings. File settings work but then I have thousands of files to creates settings for.

You also could try this:

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Thank You @hoppfrosch1!

I placed one .editorconfig in my Project specifying space indentation and root = true. And One .editorconfig in my home dir specifying tab indentation settings. The home .editorconfig appears to be used on any projects that do not have a .editorconfig and otherwise, the projects .editorconfig is used.

This is an excellent solution!

I’m glad, that I could help.

This is exactly the case what .editorconfig was designed for - and the best is, that nowadays a lot of editors are aware of .editorconfig!