Language Support for Robot Framework?

Hi All,

Is there language support for the python Robot FrameWork? This is for their scripting language with .robot extension.

I have found language support for robot with other editor and have grabbed the spec file for highlighting… Would that be a start?



We do not ship with support for this framework, any support for it would have to be added through addons or similar.

Komodo’s language logic is unique to Komodo, so you cannot bring files used in a different editor over. Though you could certainly reference them.

Thanks for the reply…

If I was to copy an existing language and “tweak it”, is there a procedure / instruction page that will give me the steps to add my new language to the editor?

I did find this article :

I could not find the file that goes with the archive…

Any additional help would be appreciated.


Unfortunately our language documentation is a bit lacking at the moment, that blog is definitely a good resource but we have to come up with something simpler and more straight forward.

In the meantime what I would suggest is simply to reference one of the existing language addons: