KomodoIDE (build 89515) crashing on MacOS X 10.12.2


This morning I installed KomodoIDE on a brand new Macbook running Sierra 10.12.2. Komodo will start up and goes through the “Let’s get started” windows however, as soon as I complete this process and click on the final “Done” then it crashes. I have submitted 3-4 crash reports marked with my email address.

I saw there was another thread suggesting using the nightly build, I have not been able to find a later build available than 89515.


Martin A. Brooks

Please update to Komodo 10.1.4. It addresses this issue.

Build 89515 is 10.1.4 for me.

MartBrooks: Please report the crash and fill out your email and put in the comments what you were doing. If indeed this happened on 10.1.4.


I found that if I cancelled the welcome screens rather than clicking through them, the crash does not occur. I’ve submitted at least two crash reports tagged with my email address previously.


Same problem when upgrade, but solved.

Before open KomodoEdit:
1.- Delete ~/library/ any Komodo or ActiveState reference under directories (Applicacion, Autosave, Cache …)
2.- Disable antivirus protection (I am using Kaspersky on test mode).

That fixed for me.

Hi, if Komodo Edit runs just fine without Kaspersky, and is really slow or frozen when Kaspersky is running, then it’s not a Komodo Edit problem.

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More about this issue, on Kaspersky site the KomodoIDE appears on whitelist products.


The report is for komodo 9. You should ask for support from your antivirus company as long as komodo works fine without it and lags with it.

Try raising the issue with Kaspersky, they might have more insight as to what might be the problem.

Komodo runs CodeIntel as a separate process, perhaps Kaspersky didn’t whitelist that.

Also, that is only the msi (installer) that is whitelisted far as I can tell? Not sure how Kaspersky works. I stopped using third party virus scanners.