Komodo workspace restore dialog - very annoying

Quite often my Mac has some issues and just dies. On startup, Komodo asks (even if I have the preference to restore workspace automatically) if I want to restore workspace due to “non clean” shutdown.

This is very annoying as I have to do it daily. Other IDEs just do the restore and thats it. Please respect the user setting in preferences ALSO on un-clean startup.

Just a kind suggestion - keep up your great work!

As I think you realize, that preference setting doesn’t effect the auto-save recovery. It’s a fair request though. I filed an enhancement request for it.

Feel free to comment on the ticket itself to add your two cents as well.

  • Carey

I have the same annoyance, but in different circumstances. I use the PC version (9.1.0) and always shut down the computer properly. But the ‘non clean’ error still appears randomly. When it happens, the workspace gets reset, so I have to spend the first few minutes re-arranging the workspace to the way it was before.

I used to use v8, and then the problem happened all the time - practically on every startup. So things are getting better. But it would be nice if this error could be eliminated altogether, apart from occasions when the machine (or application) has genuinely crashed.


You should use the new user workspace feature. File > Saveworkspace.

It saves every window and the state of each window. You can then close Komodo whenever, clean or not, then File > Open > Workspace.

  • Carey

Thank you. I’ll try this. Just out of interest, what is it that makes Komodo think it has not closed down ‘cleanly’?

Are you perhaps restarting your system without shutting down Komodo? It may be that Komodo is not given enough time to do a proper shutdown.

That’s probably the reason. I often shut down the system without manually closing applications. Is there a way Komodo could make the OS give it enough time to shut down properly?

It should already tell the OS it needs time to shutdown, but particularly on Windows users often get a screen where it shows apps that are still shutting down and giving the user the choice to “force” them to shutdown. Doing this would shut down Komodo improperly and it is not something that we can prevent from happening.

That said, I think what we need to work towards is having Komodo save it’s state continuously as it is changed, not on shut down.

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I see, thanks. I think the continuous state save idea sounds good. Just to clarify, I never ‘force’ applications to shutdown - if I get that screen, I cancel and work out what’s causing the hold-up before trying again.

I’ve upgraded to v9.2. Has the save/open workspace feature been removed?

I notice that even when I say ‘yes’ to the question ‘do you want the workspace restored’, although the last project seems to be reopened, the workspace isn’t restored.

Yes, it has been removed in favor of the “Workspace Save/Restore tool” macro

That is not accurate, it has only been removed for Komodo Edit, Komodo IDE still has this future and its feature set have since been expanded upon. For Edit you can still use the macro but saying that it has been removed “in favor of” the macro is inaccurate.

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Ohh, excuse me then :frowning:

I’m using Komodo Edit.

Have downloaded and installed the macro from the link above. From the macro documentation:

  • Save workspace (all open files) to a file. Does not have a project context,
  • it simply saves all files that are open for easy reopning later.

Does it also save the arrangement of panels/panes? Being able to restore those is what I’m really trying to accomplish. I don’t actually mind about open files.

Nope. It’s a bug.

@Defman, he’s talking about a specific marco that he installed, not native functionality. It’s not a bug. It was never implemented.

@tdaly the functionality you’re looking for is in IDE. They are called custom workspaces and can be found under File > Save/Open Workspace. Unfortunately it is not included in Edit.

  • Carey

Yeah okay, it’s an enhancement :stuck_out_tongue:

You linked to a bug report that is not related to this issue. Sure it’s an enhancement on the macro but what you said above is not correct. I’m pointing that out so @tdaly isn’t confused.

Try to keep comments on topic @defman.

  • Carey
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Thank you all for your help. For Komodo Edit, all I can hope for is a fix in a future release along the lines suggested by @nathanr where the workspace layout is regularly saved to disc, bringing a welcome end to the ‘didn’t shutdown cleanly’ error.