Komodo Window Flickers When Editing

I’m having a problem with Komodo 8.5.4: the Komodo window often flickers while I’m editing and it’s very distracting. This occurs when the Komodo window is maximized to fill my monitor; the screen flickers when I click my mouse in the editor - not always, but often.

While the problem is hard to reproduce, the following related behavior should be easier to reproduce: when the Komodo window is moved to the left so that a large part of it is off the monitor and can’t be seen, if you click in the Editor the entire Komodo X window suddenly shifts to the right so that its border aligns with the monitor and all content is now visible. I believe this “auto shifting” is related to my problem - it’s probably trying to shift slighly when the window is maximized. Therefore I’d like to know if this auto-shifting is a Komodo-specific feature that can somehow be disabled.

The problem is related to the X server I use. I use Windows 8 for my workstation, and I run Komodo on an external Linux server to which I connect via an X server running on Windows. When I use the Netarang Xmanager X server both the flickering and the auto-shifting do NOT occur. When I use the MobaXterm X11 server, both the flickering and the auto-shifting DO occur, and only with Komodo, not with any other X apps. Also, the problem does NOT occur with the native Windows version of Komodo.

Is there some Komodo setting to disable the auto-shifting behavior? Perhaps an X resource setting? Does anyone else see this auto-shitfing behavior, if not the flickering too? I like MobaXterm so it would be great to solve this problem.

Komodo version: 8.5.4
Linux: Scientific Linux 6.5 2.6.32-431.29.2.el6.x86_64
Windows: 8.1 Pro
XManager: 4
MobaXterm: 7.3 Pro

UPDATE: the only solution I’ve found is to simply not maximize the Komodo window using Windows’ build-in mechanism (such as by double-clicking the top of the window). Because the Windows maximization function actually, for some reason, puts the left border of the window a pixel or two off the monitor, and so the Komodo “auto-shifting” phenomenon causes flickering when I click in the editor.

Alternatively, I’m using the third-party software DisplayFusion to define a hotkey-enabled function to maximize the window properly, so that it’s completely within the monitor. This allows me to maximize the Komodo window without flickering.