Komodo version for 32-bit Mac


I know that this is probably a pretty stupid question, and I know that it has been asked before on a different website. But I need to know if there is a version of Komodo Edit that supported 32-bit Macintosh computers. Even if it is not the latest version (which I know doesn’t support it), was there an older version that did support it? I am using Snow Leopard 10.6.8. I know what version of Komodo was the last to support PowerPC processors, but was there a time in-between then and now when there was 32-bit support?

Thank you,

Komodo 5 was the last version to support the PowerPC architecture.

Komodo 7 was the last to have a 32-bit architecture on the Mac.

Note: These versions are still downloadable in the Komodo archives: