Komodo Updating?

Just wondering if there is a way to update Komodo without launching it first? The moment I launch Komodo it opens up all my projects (which takes a while due to them being remote). Is there any way to update Komodo without starting it first?

I tried playing around with the Mar files but no luck. It would really be cool if the updater was either available separately or worked like firefox where it would launch the updater prior to opening things.

You could just download the latest version from our website and replace the app with the downloaded version, this does not affect your settings.

What problem are you trying to solve by having it update without starting first?

If I download the latest version and run the MSI, it won’t let me update and gives me some error.

As for what problem I am trying to solve? Inherit laziness. lol.

Well to put it like this, I have a bunch of projects running so I generally would not bother restarting it and deal with the wait times to load up all my projects. (There are a lot of remote files open)

So if I say get a crash or something, I would like the opportunity to do updates at that point and get it out of the way. Loading up all my stuff 2X for a restart would probably waste an hour every time.

I mean you would have to restart regardless. If you don’t want Komodo to load your complete workspace on start but still want the advantage of workspaces you should have a look at this screencast.

To manually install a newer version on Windows you first have to uninstall the previous version. This does not affect your settings.