Komodo updates lagging behind a bit

Hi, All!

I’m getting somewhat frustrated with two issues regarding Komodo IDE.

  1. When will there be a bug fix release? It’s been like half a year since 8.5.3. I’m starting to feel abandoned. Will we need to do the next major release upgrade to get today’s bugs fixed?

  2. The database explorer extension for PostgreSQL was promised as ‘coming soon’ in 2010…

One thing that should be lighting a fire under getting the next bug release is the failure of Komodo to work correctly with python 3.4.

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Hmmm… I wanted to put this in lounge, but only support, howto and customization appear in the dropdown.

Note we are often releasing fixes under the nightly 8.5.4 branch, which you can access here - http://downloads.activestate.com/Komodo/nightly/komodoide/latest-8.5.4/, this branch is fairly stable as we only push bug fixes to it and avoid code changes that have implications beyond the bug that we are fixing.

Beyond that we will soon be making Komodo 9 nightlies available to allow people to test it while it’s in development.

Thanks, Nathan.

Just curious… so why not slap a tag on it and release …4 update and start on …5?

If I install the nightly, I assume it’ll install over the …3, like an update? And will update normally when …4 is released?

I’ve patched fixes into my current version before, but never did an install of the nightly. Just need to know what to expect.


Edit: I’ll be using the .msi to update in this case, not one of my linux VMs.

A lot of extra effort goes into ensuring a release is stable enough to be offered by default. Whilst 8.5.3 has bugs (as software does) it is overall a very stable build and we currently prefer to spend our efforts on larger updates rather than spend then on small bug fix releases. You can still get those bug fixes in 8.5.4 but they are not thoroughly tested.

I believe you should be able to choose whether to update or install a new version regardless of the platform, though Windows installer can be a bit difficult about this. Regardless you will receive notifications for new updates with 8.5.4 installed.

Yeah, I noticed that the installer wants to put the new version in it’s own ‘nightly’ directory. Does that mean I have to migrate all of my preferences and tools? What happens if I just install over my current 8.5? Will that prevent the need to migrate or just trash what I have?

Is there some sort of guide to working with the nightly? I really don’t want to have two versions I need to keep synced with changes to preferences and tools while waiting for the official release of …4.

BTW, does the nightly include fixes for the python 3.4.1 incompatibility? That would be my main reason to use the nightly, I am using a fix I found in the original forums, but I believe it’s backwards incompatible to py 3.3, which is a problem for me.

Is there a ballpark estimate of when …4 will be released? I want the bug fixes but I don’t want to spend a lot of mental bandwidth on this.

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Komodo minor versions all use the same profile folder, so your settings will be preserved in switching back and forth between nightlies. When upgrading to a new major release Komodo will also transfer over your settings from the previous major release that you were using.

@toddw can you have a look at wayne’s Python 3.4.1 question?

As for an estimate; afraid not, we will do a proper release if there are significant bugs that need fixing but as of yet that has not really happened.

The Python 3.4 debugger problem was fixed and is available in the current Komodo nightly builds.

Thanks for the info, guys. I’m going to install the nightly in it’s own folder, and start using it, and hopefully that will be that. Thanks for the timely answers, appreciated.

As a pretty long-time user, I’ve noticed the pattern of “radio silence == coming updates”. (Or in some cases, it’s holiday season/summer vacation :smile:)

Anyway, if version N isn’t seeing much in the way of updates - especially in the nightly channel - you can usually be sure it means N+1 is in heavy development. The time horizon is pretty easy to puzzle out, too: not as soon as you’d like but not Duke Nukem time. “A few months”, give or take.

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So, the longer you wait for an update, the more likely it becomes that an update will appear soon. Hmmm… okay. :wink:

I just realized, talking about the bug fix timeline and nightly builds, I got distracted from part 2 of my question. When can I expect support for pg? I’m glad for the sqllite and mysql users, but I would say there are many of us using pg, especially among Django devs. Right now, I keep pgAdmin III open, but it’s overkill for most of the tasks I need to do and requires me to hop back and forth instead of remaining in KIDE. Not the best when you’re trying to maintain a flow.

It’s like SourceTree and the git KIDE support… I only need to open SourceTree when I’m doing branch maintenance, initial checkouts that sort of thing. 90% of the time I can remain in KIDE. I really wish that I could do the same with pg. I’d imagine that Oracle and MSSQL users are of the same mind. sqllite and mysql are kind of not even the bare minimum of db support required to make the db tools in KIDE useful for a large swath of users. Many of us need to use of different db offerings for work, often over the course of the same day. The IDE could make a unified db workflow experience, but not with such limited support.