Komodo unittesting change request for pytest regex


Currently the regex is var entryRx = /^(.*?)::(\w+?)\s([A-Z]+)$/;

but pytest has a parameterized thing that is a built in plugin that is best summarized as goof but it works as a substitute for nose’s yield test generator.

Example output is:
txweb/tests/test_smartcontroller.py::test_argshandlingLogic[ExampleController] PASSED
txweb/tests/test_smartcontroller.py::test_requestAttrHandlingLogic[ExampleController] PASSED
txweb/tests/test_smartcontroller.py::test_default_Arguments_Works_As_Expected[ExampleController] PASSED
txweb/tests/test_smartcontroller.py::test_everything_method PASSED

With the current regex only the last test is shown as passing while the others are ignored regardless of pass/fail.

a rough replacement (.*?)::([\w+\[\]]+)\s([A-Z]*) works in matching both the basic case and the parameterized output.

Hi @devdave, thanks for the detailed report. Would you please report this on the bug tracker though? We may have followup questions there.