Komodo support for Mavericks

Hi, I purchased a license for Komodo IDE, version 7.1.3, build 74661, platform macosx-x86.
Built on Tue Oct 30 21:07:43 2012. I’m currently running OSX 10.6.8 and I’d like to upgrade to Mavericks, but the site http://roaringapps.com claims Komodo IDE is not compatible with Mavericks. Is roaringapps correct? Do I need to upgrade Komodo to use it on Mavericks? Am I entitled to a free upgrade, or do I have to purchase it?


Far as I’m aware Komodo 7 should work under Mavericks, however it is not the latest version and is no longer maintained, you might want to consider upgrading to 8.5.

I ran Komodo 7 from the day I started using Mavericks until I decided to spring for the upgrade, which was several months. It worked flawlessly.