Komodo requires force save of writable file

So I use some remote file mappings, and perforce, which keeps files read-only until they are checked out.

I check out a file, and can see the permissions change with: ls -l filename
I edit in Komodo, hit save, and it still thinks it is read-only. If I force save it saves it and make the file read-only again, even though I never asked it to.

Also, I used to use Refresh File status, and it doesn’t seem to work reliably anymore. I’ll check out the file, verify the perms, refresh file status, and it keeps it as locked. What gives?

Komodo does not force any file permissions. Is there anything out of the ordinary about this file? Eg. is it on a mounted drive or something?

It is, via SSHFS.

If Komodo doesn’t force it, why when it force-writes is it no longer writable? I thought Komodo might be re-locking the file?

Komodo DOES force file permissions.

I have verified that Komodo, on Force-save is making the file not writable.

There may be a bug here thats causing it to do this somehow, what I meant is that Komodo does not do this explicitly (as far as I am aware).

Could you explain how your mount is set up, such that we can try to reproduce the issue?

/mnt/ssh /etc/auto_mnt_ssh_ta -nosuid,uid=501

ta -fstype=sshfs,allow_other,idmap=user,reconnect,IdentityFile=/Users/jason/.ssh/id_rsa jason@tissuedev:/home/jason

Exactly when does the file become read-only?

Ie. on checkout, on file open, on file save?

On file save.

ls -l
(shows not writable)
checkout from perforce or chmod
ls -l
(shows file now writable)
save in komodo
Force save dialog comes up, I hit yes
(file saves)
ls -l
(shows file is not writable)

Do you need to force save if you first chmod the file and then start Komodo (so Komodo isn’t running when you chmod it)?

That is correct.

It only happens if Komodo thinks it is read only.
If Komodo opens the file after it is read-only, then there is no problem.

I see, thanks for clarifying, seems like it may be the force only functionality that is the problem here.

I can open a bug for this but you would not get updates for it unless you open it yourself, you can open it yourself here: https://github.com/Komodo/KomodoEdit/issues/new

If you open it yourself please include a link back to this thread.