Komodo not picking up package



I have a Color scheme package which I recently created and added to Komodo which was working fine in the beginning. After I updated it and created a new release I forgot to atach the .ksf file as binary, and therefore it dissapeared from the packages list in Komodo. I have since attached the ksf file as binary in the releases and Komodo stil does not find the package. What else have I missed here?

Another question, about the ksf file, the version number at the top, what is it representing? Is it meant to represent the version of the package?

Thank You


@stereofx, Sorry for the delay. Looks like the packages server got hung up. I’ve restarted it and it’s rebuilding it’s assets now. That should resolve your issue.

  • Carey


Thanks Carey. I will keep checking and update if I still have problems.