Komodo IDE11 auto-complete not work for perl

I am coding by perl using komodo ide 11.

When I typing: $obj->

The auto-complete menu for members of $obj does not appear.

I have read some documents and know that komodo ide should do codeintel scan for autocomplete and go to definition to work. I found that codeintel scan does not scan .pm file, all my classes are defined in .pm files. How to resolve this?


@sincos2007, How did you come to this conclusion? Do you have a reference by any chance?

  • Carey

@careyh, Everytime I restart my komodo IDE, CodeIntel Scan dialog pop up, it lists files would be scanned and exclude list. From there I found it does not scan .pm file.

The auto-complete function only works for symbols in same .pl file. For example: If I define a class in file a.pl, $obj-> get auto complete menu, $obj is reference to object of this class in a.pl.

Is there any help? The auto complete does not show for members of class defined in .pm file

@sincos2007, apologies for the delay. I’m not able to reproduce this issue. Are these files perhaps not in an obvious place for Komodo to scan? You can add more folders for code intel to scan in your Perl Perfs: Edit menu > Languages > Perl: Additional Perl Import Directories

  • Carey

I have done what you said, auto complete menu still does not appear.

@sincos2007, i’ll need more information about your setup then. Where are your files in relation to the file you’re attempting completions in? What Perl version? Are you using a Komodo project?

It would also be helpful if you could see if code intel works in a minimal setup. Create a *.pm file with some definition, create a *.pl file and see if you can import and use the code from the *.pm file. That’s what I did and it appears to be working. Once you have that you could try modifying the minimal setup to be closer to your development setup and if something breaks.

  • Carey