Komodo IDE X: How to customize icon color?

I’m trying out Komodo IDE X and I’m liking it mostly. In 9.3 I really liked the IcoMoon icon sets and I’d really like to customize X to mimic them.

I opened up the very nice Color Scheme Editor and changed “Interface->icons” to my desired colour. I also changed “Interface->icons special” just to be safe.

It works, but not completely. The icons on any custom toolbars take on the new colour as do the icons in the Preferences dialogue. However, none of the icons in the “stock” toolbars have changed nor any in the vertical toolbar to the left.

How is one supposed to customize these icons?


Sometimes the icons don’t update when changing skin, a complete restart would be in order for the change to propagate.

How many complete restarts are we talking here? Because I’m in the double digits now and the stock toolbars are still the same, sad grey.

Wasn’t there a way to flush the generated icons and force a rebuild?

Yes, you can delete the XRE/icons folder in your profile folder.

It sounds like you didn’t change all the icon colors though, or maybe you didn’t “Apply” the scheme to your interface?


Here’s the steps I have followed (several times, just to make sure):

  1. Open Color Scheme Editor
  2. Choose “Interface” from the dropdown
  3. Choose “icons” from the given list
  4. Change the foreground color
  5. Choose “Apply”
  6. Check all three boxes (just in case)
  7. Choose “Ok”
  8. Close Color Scheme Editor
  9. Restart Komodo X
  10. Look sad when the icons didn’t change

I also have now deleted the XRE/icons folder and have had no change.

The icons of the user defined toolbars, Projects tab, Preferences dialogue, and the Commando icons all change colour on the reset. It’s acting as if the CSS selector matches the icons in the previous list, but doesn’t match the stock toolbar icons. I’d take a look but Element Inspector doesn’t work on X.

** update
So I changed just about every colour scheme item in the “Interfaces” group. I had some odd results.
icons” affects the icons in the user defined toolbars, the Preferences dialogue, and the Commando icons.
special” affects the stock toolbar icons at the top (but not the left edge icons) and the menu hamburger.
special contrast” affects the background colour of the stock toolbar icons (but not the left edge icons), menu hamburger, and the user defined toolbars.
icons special” doesn’t seem to do anything.

I didn’t find anything that affected the left edge icons, the pane tab icons, or the “list all tabs” and “new tab” icons.

This does not make sense and seems a large step backwards from the 9.x method of just changing the Icon Set. I like fine customization, but I would suggest that all the icons be controlled by the same colour scheme item, maybe “icons”. What do you all think?

Thanks @furnox, I’ve reproduced the issue. It seems in many places the icons are simply using the foreground color.

I’ve filed a bug for this here:, you can respond there if you wish to be notified of a nightly:

Thanks @nathanr